Adam Tressler

Guitarist + Songwriter

Ohio born/raised and Berklee educated, I moved from NYC to Los Angeles in 2012 after signing a publishing deal with iamsound/BMG. In 2018 I released my 3rd solo record, “Living on the Top Floor”, a collection of Los Angeles-inspired songs. My love of US history led me to release “Lesser Known Presidents” in 2017, a collection of anecdotal songs about forgotten historical figures like Martha Washington and Martin Van Buren. I’ll be releasing a follow-up album about William McKinley in 2019.

As a session/touring guitarist, I've worked with dozens of artists across all genres. Notable artists include Selena Gomez, Emily Kinney, Angus and Julia Stone, Kacey Musgraves, LP, Gallant, and many others. I've played on albums by the Pet Shop Boys, Demi Lovato, Andy Grammer, and Pixie Geldof, and on TV and movies. I received my 1st Platinum plaque for my songwriting work on Demi Lovato’s album “Tell Me You Love Me”. I also play banjo/mandolin/ukulele/bass and work with producers/songwriters/composers across Los Angeles, and do a lot of home recording from my loft downtown. Feel free to contact me